DBRS Process for Changing the subject of a formula

I promised I would post this! I have now presented about the process of Decide, Break, Repair and Simplify at Bristol and Sheffield maths conferences for changing the subject of a formula. This has been a pleasure and has been received incredibly well by a lot of maths teachers across the country.

The main idea of these workshops were to show how Kris Boulton’s method of solving linear equations can be adjusted to changing the subject of a formula.

The key difference for changing the subject of a formula when compared to linear equations is when we have to factorise… this can be a little daunting for students to do during a question as they normally get it wrong! However, during my presentation I mentioned how I have got around this problem with slides like below:

I have uploaded my powerpoint below! Please check it out!

Author: berwickmaths

All views are my own. I strive to teach to the best of my ability. This is through research of my own, as well as books, reading blogs and communicating with other maths teachers up and down the country.

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